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Benjamin Martinez received his pilates certification from Romana Kryzanowska, protege of Joseph Pilates. Ben has been teaching pilates in Austin for 11 years, and his teaching style is inspired by Romana.  That is to say, he gives his clients what they need, see’s their strengths and weaknesses and gives them high performance workouts.  Romana likes to describe the pilates method as a vigorous workout that incorporates stretch, strength and control.


A little about Romana’s pilates:

Romana Kryzanowska was given the charge from Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara to teach teachers.  Many clients of Mr. Pilates became instructors, and with his blessing, opened their own studios and became very good at teaching.  But none were given the task of creating a pilates education system.  Since the early 70′s Romana’s curriculum requires a student to complete at least 600 hours of formalized training in an atmosphere that can only be described as an old world apprenticeship.  Over 500 exercises and how to teach them in various case situations is drilled and memorized after the apprentice learns how their body performs the entire repertoire.  Therefore every instructor is required to be in good health.  A state of fitness that can withstand the 6 hours per day and 5 days a week workouts needed to pass the final exam.

About Ánimo Pilates:

At Ánimo Pilates, movement and exercise are taught the way Joseph Pilates passed it on to Romana. Pilates sessions are usually taught individually with the full attention and supervision needed to understand and gain mastery of the exercises. Once a certain level of mastery has been achieved, advanced clients are encouraged to take shared sessions. Of course, each client is an individual, so please let us know of your particular needs. We would love to share more information with you or even schedule your first session. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.