Austin Fitness Clinic is a locally owned and operated community gym that provides private training and is central to everything. From weight loss to chronic pain, the Personal Trainers at Austin Fitness Clinic have the experience and knowledge to help you attain your goals.

At Austin Fitness Clinic, the Personal Trainers use many methods and techniques that are specifically targeted towards the needs of clients interested in: treating chronic pain, post-surgery fitness, post injury rehabilitation, postural imbalances, general fitness and much more.

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How Do You Know If A Personal Trainer Is A Good Fit?

Personal Trainers fall along a wide spectrum, and there is so much information out there that the prospect of finding the right fit seems overwhelming. That's why the Personal Trainers at Austin Fitness Clinic have developed a list, broken down by topic, to help potential clients find the right Personal Trainer.



Surprisingly, this is one of the least-queried subjects for Personal Trainers. Top trainers have a degree in the field and one of the top certifications listed below.  Unfortunately, there are simply too many non-credentialed “trainers” operating in the space, placing clients at risk of injury, poor service, and lacking results.

Each Personal Trainer at Austin Fitness Clinic has a degree, a top certification, or both. We insure that our trainers constantly advance there skill-set with continuing education, guest speakers, educational conferences, and relationships with other experts related fields. On-going educational opportunities are provided by the following top certifying bodies: 



 You are far more likely to meet your goal when guided by someone who has been there before. An experienced trainer can make your journey much more enjoyable and efficient.  A trainer who has treated dozens of cases of lower back pain, for example, is much better equipped to deal with that specific issue. Our Personal Trainers at Austin Fitness Clinic specialize in improving clients’ functional quality of life, whether that be rehabbing a torn ACL, eliminating neck pain, or simply helping you taking practical steps to a healthier lifestyle. Since many of our trainers have been injured themselves, we can help clients stay focused on the long-game, never compromising ongoing health for short-term results.

Many clients still need guidance after leaving Physical Therapy, and our trainers can provide the bridge from therapy back to pain-free living and activity. We work closely with Physical Therapists and Orthopedists to complete a client’s treatment team and speed progress.

Training Philosophy


There is no set template that can be applied to all clients.  Finding a trainer with the best training philosophy specifically for you improves your experience and outcome.  Personal Trainers have many different ways of approaching the same goal, and with 9 trainers on staff, Austin Fitness Clinic can find you the best fit.  As a group, though, our trainers believe in improving your quality of life more than the way you look.  A trainer should never compromise your long-term quality of life for short-term changes in weight or body fat.  This trade-off inevitably leads to pain, injury, and burnout.  That’s one philosophy that shouldn’t change client to client.




More than anything, Personal Training is about the relationship with the client.  No amount of experience, expertise, or programming will keep a client focused if they don’t enjoy the process. Finding the right personality fit between trainer and client is the single best decision to make. Austin Fitness Clinic has placed countless clients with trainers, and that history gives us the ability to make the most successful matches.

So many people have tried Personal Training with limited results and poor experiences because the personalities just weren’t the right fit.  Skills and technique can be taught, but personality is something inherent to each trainer.  We have always had the priority of hiring the best people, and building them into the best trainers.  This takes way more time, but the client experiences are much better for it.  Happy clients make faster progress, get better results, and maintain a more positive gym environment.


Your Personal Trainer is there specifically for you!  Be sure to utilize the resources, experience, and knowledge that your Personal Trainer has to derive the value you deserve.

Austin Fitness Clinic has a no pressure interaction with potential clients. There is no charge for consultations, and we will do all the work to get you the best fit.  Give us a call or email us today to discuss all of what has been mentioned above and any other questions or concerns you may have.

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