We believe in treating the whole body on the path to wellness!

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Where else will you find an accepting environment where a great workout and the realistic expectation of pain free movement go hand in hand?

Austin Fitness Clinic's Personal Trainers look at the client in a totally different way. With a referring network of Physical Therapists and a great array of modalities, Austin Fitness Clinic has so much to offer.

Austin Fitness Clinic is a private training studio and wellness center located in central Austin.  All clients are seen by appointment only.  We do not offer any general memberships or charge membership fees.  Our methods of treatment include: Personal Training, Pilates, yoga, Active Release Therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, manual therapy, and nutritional counseling.  We specialize in clients who are interested in pain management, correction of muscular/postural imbalances, weight-loss, general fitness, and sports performance.

Austin Fitness Clinic's highest priority is increasing a client's overall health and quality of life.  An example client is a 50 year-old healthy runner with chronic knee pain who wishes to return to pain-free running without surgery.  By treating her muscle/postural imbalances with our array of services and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes, we would strive to bring her back to pain-free activity, a balanced body, and a much higher quality of life.