Austin Fitness Clinic is a locally owned and operated community gym that provides private training and is central to everything. From weight loss to chronic pain, the Personal Trainers at Austin Fitness Clinic have the experience and knowledge to help you attain your goals.

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  1. Your Capability in fitness is directly correlated to a properly programmed training regimen. That and so much more is the value of Austin Fitness Clinic Personal Trainers.

  2. Quality of life is indicative of balance. Austin Fitness Clinic Personal Trainers take a whole body approach to strengthen from the inside out.

  3. Positive Perspective, positive atmosphere. Austin Fitness Clinic is an inviting, highly functional space and if you're interested, contact us and come by to take a look at the space.

Let the knowledge and experience of our Personal Trainers help you to a better quality of life.

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As you train with one of Austin Fitness Clinic's Personal Trainers you will notice immediate results for your efforts. As your capability grows, so will your confidence to move on to bigger and more complex movement patterns.

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Quality Of Life

Along with the confidence to do things beyond what you can now, training with one of our Personal Trainers will positively impact all areas giving an overall greater quality of life. That is what AFC is all about.

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Positive Perspective

Enabled with greater capability and enhanced quality of life, having a personal trainer at AFC is a catalyst for a positive perspective. Finding the answer to all of your fitness relation needs are at Austin Fitness Clinic.

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Holistic Approach

Austin Fitness Clinic is a part of a greater community in the health and fitness movement. Taking a look at some of the other services offered in the Marathon Building shows how committed AFC is to a whole body approach to an individual's wellbeing.

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Foundational Movement

Austin Fitness Clinic Personal Trainers are excited to achieving the goals you have and do so by strengthening the body from the inside out. With our busy lives it is easy to get away from movement patterns that are good for us. Our Personal Trainers strive to help you bring the body back into balance and enable you taking control of your physical self.

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Positive Atmosphere

Attaining your goals is a product of hard work and the environment that facilitates progress. At Austin Fitness Clinic that is exactly what you'll get. The Personal Trainers at AFC leverage the positive atmosphere to help turn your goals into a reality.

Your life and way of living is within your control.