Why Austin Fitness Clinic?

  • At Austin Fitness Clinic you don't have to deal with the selling frenzy. What you can bet on is an individualized client to Personal Trainer relationship.
  • Austin Fitness Clinic doesn't have gym memberships so you only get what you need, when you need it.
  • Austin Fitness Clinic is a community of individuals that focus on taking fitness back to the basics to get the most out of your Functional Fitness.

Why Functional Fitness?

  • The restorative properties of Functional Fitness are immediately apparent after incorporating them into a fitness regimen.
  • At Austin Fitness Clinic, Functional Training is integrated in such a way that it mixes with your every day life and activities. Combined with what your body has experienced and personal preferences, the client and Personal Trainer find the perfect combination for truly Functional Fitness.


  • With 20 years of experience in fitness in one place, you can rest assured that Austin Fitness Clinic is the place to receive proper Foundational Training that you can use.
  • With so many varied backgrounds, Austin Fitness Clinic welcomes everyone of all fitness levels and goals. Providing fully Functional Fitness through the best practices and modalities means you don't settle for less than the best at Austin Fitness Clinic.
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